Physician Reviews

Medical Evaluation Services

We understand the importance of objective, unbiased medical opinions that address the issues of worker’s compensation claims as well as an accurate analysis of all relevant and appropriate associated costs.

All too often, a number of pre-existing, ordinary disease of life degenerative changes are incorporated into the accepted compensable injury. The review aims to establish which items must be contested as they are not part of the compensable injury or a function of the reported mechanism of injury.

Our Priority Evaluations™ services provides proactive strategies to reduce the medical expenses to those related only to the compensable injury. Our evaluation includes:

Early Compensability Assessment (ECA)   |   Medication Review

Peer Review   |   Liability Peer Review

Reduction of Claims Expenses and Length of Claim File

Our team of expert, certified physicians know your needs are different when requesting containment services. They apply the standards of evidence-based medicine to determine what issues are a function of the event and those findings that have not been aggravated, exacerbated, or otherwise compromised by the compensable event.

Priority Evaluations is proven to reduce claim expenses significantly as those medical maladies, which are not related to the compensable event, are not treated. As a direct result, the length of the claim file is appropriately reduced as treatment is limited to the actual injury sustained.