Therapy Transparent

Cloud Based Therapy Transparent

More Than Oversight:
Control & Transparency.

The Therapy Transparent platform provides transparency, compliance adherence, and efficiency over every aspect of rehabilitative services, from course of treatment to payment.

Using Therapy Transparent, payers, providers, practitioners, and adjusters use a single platform to:

Finally, all parties can manage a case using the same platform from any device.

· Enable direct payer-to-provider payments
· Ensure provider neutrality
· Confirm patient compliance
· Track treatment and progress
· Run up-to-the-minute reports
· Access provider network information
· Securely manage the entire claim

More Than Data Driven: Evidence-Based Decisions

Therapy Transparent utilizes Medical Outcome Indicators™ to develop the most efficient continuum of care.  Leveraging physician-developed protocols and evidence-based medicine guidelines, injured workers receive quality outcomes, and:

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· Receive the best possible care
· Streamline the rehab process
· Avoid time consuming overtreatment
· Return to work in a compressed timeline


· Providers paid 60% faster
· Financial transparency
· Ensure treatment compliance
· Coordination across practitioners
· Centralized treatment records
· Direct connectivity between payer and provider