Priority Financial Guarantee

Sharing the Risk.
Sharing the Reward.

We share both the risk and the reward. Should you exceed the 12-month budget established for specific lines of ancillary services, we will pay the first 25 percent of the difference on the entire spend. Or, when you end up under budget, we split the profit. We’re that confident in our services.

Skin in the Game
For the first time, you can partner with a workers’ compensation specialized solutions provider that will share the risk, and can bring your monthly spend under budget.

Instant Budget Reduction
To understand injury trends and how the budget was developed, we review analytics on the previous three years’ spend on the pre-determined ancillary lines. We also factor in anticipated employment changes and other outliers that impact budget.

Using this analysis, we can determine areas of savings based on our provider network and recommend a new reduced budget. Spend is reduced by at least 10 percent, money that can be allocated to other areas.

The program can begin during any financial cycle, and will be set for 12 months.

Transparency to Control Leakage
To control leakage, we provide monthly reports to review adjusters activity and ensure they align with the program. These reports are a key element in understanding budget trajectory.


  • Immediate budget reduction
  • Stable, predictable budget
  • Ensures provider compliance
  • Monthly reporting
  • Shared financial risk
  • Premium provider network
  • Recalculated annually